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Meet Team Yodomo

Ever wondered what's going on behind the scenes at Yodomo?


Well, there's a team of passionate creatives developing courses, updating the website, sending out kits, looking after our instructors and more!

Meet Sandy, Eloise, Sophie, Katy and Isabella, and find out which craft courses they love doing and why.  


Pajaki paper chandelier

Sophie, Founder & CEO | Make a Pajaki paper chandelier

 "I loved making a 'pajaki' with Karolina Merska. It takes a good few hours but because you have to make a number of pom-poms, the repetitive actions make it a really relaxing and mindful process. My paper chandelier now hangs proudly in our hallway!"

Cushion on sofa

Katy, Chief Content Officer |Sew a cushion course + kit, featuring Offset Warehouse fabric

"I'm passionate about making ethical product choices, as well as reusing and recycling. This Offset Warehouse fabric is fairtrade and organic, plus it's hand-printed using a "hand-block" technique, meaning no two cushions will ever be the same. I love how the pattern looks on my sofa!"


hand carved spoon

Eloise, Course Producer | Introduction to spoon carving

"Spoon carving has been one of my favourite courses to produce. From learning about different types of woods and their inherent properties, to exploring Deborah's wide range of spoons, our introduction provides real insight into a spoon carver's practise. I'm really excited for the full course to go live next week!" 


decorative woven basket

Isabella, Community Manager | Make a decorative woven basket

"Cane is a really fascinating material to work with. I really enjoy the process of weaving, and the way you can give it form and shape. My basket takes pride of place on my windowsill as it catches the light beautifully, and I've given a few away as gifts." 


Macrame wall hanging


Sandy, Web editor | Make an 'eye spy' macramé wall hanging

"It's satisfying to learn new techniques through meditative repetition, as I've done through By-Me Katie's macramé course. The colour of my 'eye spy' wall hanging really pops at home, I get lots of compliments on it."


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