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New Designers 2019: Workshop Highlights

During the 2019 New Designers event at the Design Business Centre, Yodomo instructors gave live workshops that inspired creativity.

Participants attending Yodomo workshops at the New Designers 2019 event.

With more than 3,000 hand-picked talents showcasing the culmination of their studies, graduating students from across the UK presented their design works at New Designers 2019 that spanned everything from textiles to digital design. 

The graduate show took place in the 6000m² venue of London's Business Design Centre and featured student work in ceramics, textile and fashion, costume design, jewellery, furniture and products, graphic design and more, along with the curated One Year In show which centred on promising new designers and entrepreneurs who recently launched their business. Other events included intriguing talks by relevant industry leaders, award announcements, and of course, workshops facilitated by Yodomo instructors

Visitors and exhibitors got the chance to meet Yodomo instructors Julia ClarkeTabara N’Diaye from La Basketry and Sian McLachlan whilst learning about their independent craft businesses and trying out weaving and knotting techniques. 

The workshops granted participants hands-on experience and gave them new skills and a crafted object to take home. The feedback from several participants was that the workshops and demos given by Yodomo instructors was their favourite experience at the New Designers event. 

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Julia Clarke, artist and educator

Julia showed participants how to make a decorative weave basket using glossy lapping cane. 

Visitors attending the workshop for making a decorative weave basket.

 Julia Clarke showing workshop participant how to make a decorative weave basket.

Tabara N'Diaye, co-founder of La Basketry

Tabara demonstrated the techniques for basket weaving using colourful twine. 

 Tabara N'Diaye demonstrating how to use twine to weave objects.

A half-completed woven basket in lime green.

Sian McLachlan, founder of Shoorah Shoorah

Using a variety of colourful rope, Sian showed participants a variety of knotting techniques to make a knotted rope necklace. 

Sian McLachlan demonstrating techniques for making a rope necklace.

Sian McLachlan demonstrating techniques for making a rope necklace.

The results, it's safe to say, were fabulous: 

The results from the workshops in weaving and knotting at New Designers 2019.

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