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with Jake Spicer, Cass Art

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In this course, Jake will teach you the fundamental drawing techniques and how to let go of your fear and get drawing. In over 45 minutes of video and additional downloadable material, you’ll learn:

  • Blind contouring and continuous line drawing
  • How to understand and draw negative spaces
  • Working with tonal scale
  • Hatching and cross-hatching
  • How to create subtractive tonal drawings
  • How to bring all the exercises together to create a linear and tonal drawing

To get a taste of the course, try Jake's Observational Drawing lesson for free!

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Your Instructor

Jake Spicer
Jake Spicer

Jake Spicer is a painter and drawing tutor based in Brighton, UK where he is head tutor of the drawing organisation 'Draw'. Jake's teaching focuses on making drawing accessible to everybody, on the understanding that everybody with the will to draw has the capacity to learn to draw and anybody that can draw can always learn to draw better. Jake writes instructional drawing books for Ilex Press which aim to help people engage more with drawing, whatever their level of ability.

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