WINNER ‘Progress toward circularity’ Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Interview with Stitching Me Softly

Emma of Stitching Me Softly began her journey with selling luxury hand crocheted baby items, and has now expanded to include workshops and craft kits. We caught up with her to discuss her craft, sustainability and more. Read on to discover more about Emma and Stitching Me Softly.

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Pink crochet necklace kit

How did you get into your craft?

I've always been creative and loved crafting as a kid. I taught myself to crochet about 10 years ago as I wanted to make some little toys and gifts for my kids and nephews. I loved how relaxing and mindful it was so it just stuck as my go-to craft.

 Mint green and pink crochet pots

What is Stitching Me Softly's mission.

Stitching Me Softly was born after the birth of my third child after making some items for her and other people wanting to buy them. This then grew into me teaching crochet workshops locally and sending craft packs to those who couldn't make it to the class. This gave me the idea to turn some of my favourite makes into craft kits and these have taken off so well that they are now the main focus of the business. My aim is to inspire creativity in other people and to encourage them to try something new. I love how proud everyone feels after making something for themselves.

Yarn in a box

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I love to fill my kits with high quality sustainable materials. My favourites are the recycled cotton cords from Bobbiny.

Crochet blanket

How do you source your materials and decide on your designs?

I try to only design projects that would be used and enjoyed over and over again, and source suitable sustainable materials where possible.

Crochet necklaces

How does your practice centre on sustainability?

On top of all the lovely sustainable materials inside the kits, all of my packaging is recycled and carries the FSC mark, plus I plant 1 tree for every craft kit sold.

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