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Last-minute gift ideas: Online creative courses for everyone on your list

No time to shop? No problem! These creative online courses are crowd pleasers that can be gifted instantly.

We've heard about how extraordinarily busy postal services have been and not everyone is able to hit the high street at this time. Last online orders before the Christmas cut-off is this week, but this busy month means not everyone has had time to find gifts for family and friends.

If there are still outstanding giftees you need to buy for, fret not, for we've gathered together our most popular online creative courses that will please everyone on your list. To send these as gifts, head to the course page and select "Yes" under "Is this a gift?". Once purchased, you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to enrol which you can either email directly to the recipient or print out, to be given in person.

Stocking stuffers for the budding artist in your life, smoke-firing ceramic courses for those who want something a little different, or knitting and crocheting for anyone itching to master a new skill that'll yield many cosy scarves and sweater for the cold season. COVID-19 has yet to pass, so with the forecast of more time spent at home, these courses are perfect to fill up time with mindful activities.

Carve a wooden spoon

Taught by multitalented maker Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell, this course walks you through everything about the mindful and addictive process of carving wooden spoons, from choosing the wood to use to giving your spoon a professional finish. This course is ideal for anyone who's ever shown some interest in woodworking, and no prior knowledge is needed. Warning: the receiver of this present might get instantly hooked, and as a result their presents to you for the following year might be some beautifully carved wooden spoons!

Learn to Crochet Masterclass

Crochet masterclass, a spread of various crochet fabrics and colourful yarns as well as a crochet needle

Everything you need to know about crocheting, from casting on to single crochets to beautifully complex embellished crochet fabrics, is taught in this comprehensive course by textile artist Heather Orr. For the aspiring fashion designers in your life, or anyone who wants to explore some homespun craft and take their creation game to the next level, this crochet masterclass is something they'll want to wake up to on Christmas morning. If knitting is more in line with their wishes, why not get them this Knitting Masterclass by Heather Orr?

Make an 'eye spy' macramé wall hanging

For the person on your list who exudes bohemian vibes, this macrame course taught by Katie Mitchell of By-Me Katie teaches you step-be-step how to make an eye-catching wall hanging to embellish your walls for some artsy retro vibes. You know. Of a time before country-wide quarantines were a thing.

Make a 'pajaki' paper chandelier

Maker Karolina Merska has been studying and creating these gorgeous paper chandeliers and its deep roots in the folk history of Poland for years. Now, she'll share everything she's learned about this craft with you (or whomever the lucky recipient of this gift is). Adding splashes of colour to any space year round, Pajaki chandeliers are as fun to make as they are beautiful to look at.

Make a household jar terrarium

For the plant lover on your list, this course teaches the recipient everything they need to know in order to make their own thriving tiny ecosystem encased within a jar just lying around their kitchen. Plant expert Emma Sibley of London Terrariums has been teaching these courses for a long time, and her in-depth tutorial is something that they can refer back to at any point, until their home filled with green.

Learn how to draw

Jake Spicer, the instructor behind this popular course, claims that anyone can draw. Regardless of whether the person you're gifting to has ever made a believable representation of an object on paper, he'll teach them all the techniques necessary to confidently continue their journey with drawing.

Learn to smoke-fire ceramics

An exciting course that yields professional and dazzling results, Ranjit Dhaliwal of Studio Ranj teaches how to smoke-fire ceramics for unique patterns that is sure to impress. If you're looking for a gift that's a little different and a lot of fun, opt for this creative course that will bring anyone's craft to the next level.

Learn how to use a sewing machine

A lot of us took up sewing when the first lockdown happened and more free time but we had nowhere to go. The rest of us kept talking about how we wanted to take up sewing and never actually did. But don't let our lack of action fool you: sewing is still something we all really want to learn! If you know someone like this, help them make that first step and get them this terrific course from expert seamstress Barley Massey, founder of Fabrications. Everything from learning to thread a needle to troubleshooting is included, so whoever receives this course as a gift will be a sewing machine expert in no time.

See what other online courses we have on offer, for last minute gifts that don't require physical delivery.