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What will the Staff Christmas Party look like in 2020?

Oh, what we wouldn't give for the chance to make a fool of ourselves in front of our colleagues over bad cocktails this Christmas...

Regardless of your thoughts on the Staff Christmas Party, it certainly is a part of the build-up to Christmas celebrations at home. This year, however, it looks like the office festivities are also seating themselves at your table. Most London offices have stated within the past month that they are cancelling their staff parties and according to a survey of 1,000 office workers around the country by Moneypenny 26% said that their companies will host online Zoom parties instead. The survey also found that 7% were planning traditional parties and 30% had not discussed the matter by mid-October. 

Three women sat at a table making a willow star, smiling and laughing

No matter the state of plans or lack thereof, creativity prevails as HR departments around the world come up with inventive new ways to mark the end of the work year. Despite the distance, there are still plenty of ways for companies to offer a fun event that brings employees together for something more engaging than the Monday morning team meeting. 

Our suggestion? Get creative with one of our talented makers: get everything needed to make a holiday-themed craft sent to the homes of each employee, and our makers will lead a workshop that is sure to put everyone in a festive mood. In previous years, instructors would come to your organisation to lead these workshops. Memorable events include Julia Clarke’s willow star workshop and Kate Rochester’s bookbinding lessons. This year, we’ve adapted, and our online workshop attendants all agree that the experience is engaging, fulfilling, and something they’d do again. Julia led one earlier this year, making a paper band vessel, and Sian Mclachlan facilitated a workshop on creating one of her iconic rope necklaces

Now imagine opening your door to receive a package filled with all the materials you need to make something beautiful, and receiving an invite to a video conference where all you’ll be required to do is engage in a bit of crafty fun, but with a side of Christmas cheer. Alcohol and bonding optional, although certainly recommended. The staff Christmas Party in 2020 might just be the most fun and fulfilling yet.

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