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The best Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing

Nothing says romance like time spent together.

For a unique date night that will yield more than a hangover, try your hands at a new skill this Valentine’s Day. Together with the love of your life, create a one-of-a-kind work of art, learn to draw (and really see) each other, get your hands deep in some sourdough and more. Give the gift of time well spent, because it’ll be spent together.

Suminagashi starter kit

Valentine’s Day Suminagashi Japanese Paper Marbling

Contemplative and relaxing, suminagashi is an incredibly satisfying paper marbling process that yields the most beautiful results. 

Why we love this suminagashi kit:

  • It comes with all the specialist tools and materials you’ll need to dive into this cool craft
  • Sarah Amatt, the artist and mastermind behind this kit, has been creating beautiful monoprints using this suminagashi technique for ages. Read more about Sarah’s journey in our interview with her.
  • The monochrome nature of this type of print yields sophisticated, gorgeous results
  • It’s easy to do, with no artistic training needed to produce a one-of-a-kind print artwork

Why this suminagashi kit will make the perfect date night activity:

  • It’s a creative way to unwind, and what’s better than unwinding with your favourite person?
  • You’ll be producing something beautiful together, which will give you excellent bragging rights whenever someone asks you about your suminagashi print that you’ll surely proudly display on your wall

Pick up a suminagashi kit now.

Crumb Sourdough baking: Kit + Guide

Let your love rise: Make sourdough bread together

Our penchant for terrible puns aside, baking a sourdough loaf with your significant other can be deeply satisfying and surprisingly fun. This particular kit is perfect for sourdough first-timers, with detailed instructions and videos that take all the guesswork out of the process. 

Why we love this sourdough making kit:

  • This kit comes with a special sourdough starter that’s dough style rather than liquid, which means it’s less finicky and doesn’t need priming
  • It comes with all the equipment you need to make a perfect sourdough loaf. The only other thing you need is a standard home over and your appetite

Why making sourdough makes an ideal Valentine’s Day project

  • Getting your hands all dirty and full of dough is a fun way to break down barriers
  • You get to serve up some tasty sourdough with your Valentine’s Day dinner!

Grab your own sourdough making kit here

Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit

Learn to draw each other

Go through this course with Jake Spicer of Draw Brighton, learn the techniques that can enable anyone to draw, then have fun trying to sketch one another. Want to make it spicier? Why not try life drawing one another.

Why we love this intro to drawing kit:

  • Jake Spicer promises anyone can learn to draw, and it’s exactly what he delivers in this short course that includes tons of fun and quick exercises
  • The materials included are Jake’s favourites, and they’ll become yours too when you discover their wonderful high quality

Why drawing each other would be a fun night in:

  • Is there anything nicer than being seen? By drawing each other, you’ll start noticing all the enticing little details that made you fall in love all over again.
  • Even if your drawing ends up not being perfectly accurate, it will surely yield lots of laughs

Pick up a Learn to Draw Kit and Course now

Personalised Leather Fob

A special place for a key… to your heart

Making key fobs is a fun and sustainable activity, especially with this kit which uses off-cut leather. Do some adult crafting that yields something useful, and make each other personalised key fobs that will hold your keys handsomely.

Why we love this key fob kit:

  • It comes with enough material to create six key fobs, so if you loved making your first two, you can continue making more
  • This kit comes with stamping tools, so you can write secret messages or even just your name across the leather

Why making key fobs may be the key to a great Valentine’s Day

  • The process of creation with another person is mindful and fun, and so satisfying when it’s something you can use every day
  • Writing a message to the other person when you stamp your leather key fob will make it extra special – maybe a pet name, an inside joke, or the first sentence you ever said to them?

Get a leather key fob set for your Valentine’s Day activity now

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